Lawn on D

Last month I finally checked out The Lawn on D. For anyone that isn’t in the Boston area, this is essentially a fenced in city block of outdoor play space for all ages. There is a big tent that hosts musical performances and a bar, there are food trucks, ping pong tables, adirondack chairs, Jenga tables, DJs, the coolest swings you’ve ever seen and rotating art exhibits.

Now that we have The Lawn on D, I’m wondering why someone didn’t think to do this before. When you step foot into the space, everyone is happy, eating, drinking, dancing and playing games. The day I was there, the band was GREAT and a little girl from the audience joined the band and sang like a professional.

The main reason I visited this new play space was to check out the Intrude exhibit. This was a series of five massive 16′ + inflatable bunny rabbits. All of the rabbits are in different positions and they all light up in the evening. These nylon monsters really give you a sense of what it must’ve felt like to be in Honey I shrunk the kids…lol. Seriously though, it definitely makes you think about what it would be like if these adorable animals took over and intruded our space. Perspective is everything!

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