NeoCon 2015

This was my second NeoCon and each year this show gets better and better! There were so many people buzzing around Merchandise Mart for three full days of fun, taking in all of the displays, innovative furniture and incorporated technology and trends.

There were many Workplace displays drawing big crowd of spectators. Lots of pieces combined growing technological needs seamlessly with functional elements. Fresh new colors and patterns were visible in fabrics, solid surfacing and laminates. There were also lots of neat, eco-friendly lighting options on display. It really does take all 3 days to meander through the exhibit space, and even then you may not see everything. There were opportunities to attend seminars, workshops, get manicures, watch demos, competitions and my new favorite thing- tours through showrooms. These tours allowed me to fully understand new aspects of various furniture systems and the design process that led to them.


Candice & I

Aside from the fun perks; parties and playtime that accompanies NeoCon, hands down the best moment for me was meeting Canadian Design Guru: Candice Olson. I was beyond excited to meet and chat with her. I grew up watching Candice and her quirky team on T.V. creating beautiful residential spaces in my hometown. One of the more interesting things about her show was her willingness to show some behind the scenes reality mishaps. It was one of the first makeover shows on HGTV and I was hooked on Candice from the start. So, meeting Candice was definitely the highlight of the week!!

There’s something about being in a space with 50,000 or so other design professionals and enthusiasts who are all excitedly sharing new ideas, inspiration and design theories. The vibe is great and there is always so much to learn about. I highly recommend everyone attend NeoCon at Merchandise Mart at least once in their design careers.

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