5 Tips to Survive a home renovation

We are currently going through a very small renovation. Over the next month or so as our HVAC unit is being replaced, and that means everything is upside down and we’re out of sorts.

Everything is covered in plastic, yet somehow there is dust in everything, I can see up to the floor above and down to the floor below through a massive hole. (Okay, that part is kinda cool). Oh and they’ve demolished a wall so everything is very open concept right now. Normally open concept is something I love, but in this case, it’s just helping the dust to work it’s way into everything. Have I mentioned the mess….lol, yeah, that’s definitely the hardest part of all of this.

It’s never easy living through a renovation, regardless of size. There are delays, the mess, the revolving door of characters, but in the end it’s usually all worth it. So see below for my 5 tips of how to survive a reno.

  1. Be prepared– Seems obvious, but make sure you’re ready for contractors when they arrive. The last thing you want are contractors sitting around drinking coffee while on the clock waiting for you to clear the space so they can get to work.
  2. Be patient– It will take longer than expected. Planning, permits and process take time. Often unforeseen delays pop up, adding to the timeline and potentially increasing the budget.
  3. Cushion your budget– Unexpected costs will arise, especially in older homes. So be prepared and cushion your budget. Anywhere from 20-25% of a cushion is recommended.
  4. Ignore the dust & mess. This is a tough one. Breathe deeply and close your eyes to help ignore the mess. Dust has a way of traveling into the every nook and cranny. You’ll likely continue to find this lurking dust months later. Sigh, the cleaning never ends!
  5. Communicate with your contractor. Another one that may seem obvious, but it’s important that you, your designer and your contractor are all on the same page. It’s easy to get lines crossed, so be clear, write things down and communicate openly and often.

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