What’s Poppin

Work may be a drag, but you’re guaranteed to find sunshine at your desk, when you have fun, colorful, happy accessories. Where do you find these magical tools? Enter Poppin.

An office accessory & now also small furniture goods site. I’m not kidding when I say their stuff will make you happy, the clean, modern designs of coordinating staplers, pens, trays, notebooks, file cabinets, lamps etc. will help you to be super organized while looking good.

I purchased a bunch of accessories in orange (shocker!), which sit on my white lacquer desk. It looks stylish and is just the right amount of color. I especially like that you can mix and match all of the colors and the style remains the same. Or you can purchase everything from your tape dispensers, to task chairs in your favorite color which make it easy to find when sticky fingers around the office borrow your things.

The products are affordable and allow you to easily update your workspace by season or mood. I LOVE these products so much that I also purchased a bunch of white accessories, for those days when I’m crushing on all white everything.

Check them out for cool, fun, hip desk accessories and small furniture goods!


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