The countdown is on… 8 weeks to go!

Each year around this time, I get a bit panicky. We’re in the depths of planning yet another ASID Spring Gala. Although this year, we have some new and exciting ideas to make this the best one yet!

For one, we’ll be at a brand new venue (for us). The Gala will be at the John Jospeh Moakley Federal Courthouse. Sounds like an odd venue right?! But it’s an architecturally interesting building on the waterfront with spectacular views of the skyline and a large open atrium perfect for large groups. We’ll also be having a sit down dinner this year- another first for us and we’ve partnered with Artists for Humanity. They are a fantastic non profit group that helps keep kids out of trouble while educating them in the arts.

Speaking of arts, I had the opportunity to create all of the graphics for this year’s event and I’m so excited about playing ‘graphic designer’. It’s a role I’ve always coveted, don’t all interior designers? Lol. Seriously though, I’m eager to see it all get printed and posted. See below for a sneak peak.

But back to the panic! As the Gala co-chair, I’m panicky because there is still so much left to do and only 8… yes 8 weeks until the big night!! I know somehow it all comes together and the evening usually looks flawless (right?!?!) Now, back to work to make sure it’s a beautiful and entertaining night.

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