Design Within Reach. The NEW Cambridge store

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the brand new Design within Reach, in Cambridge. If you recall, the company recently closed both local locations in favor of merging and upgrading into a new, large space- and I couldn’t be more excited!

This new studio is located pretty much across the street from its former location on Mass. Ave. The one notable difference is its size! All of the classics are now housed in about 15,000 SF of clean white display space. As you’ll see in my photos, the studio is light and bright with numerous vignettes of the furniture we all love.

I visited in the early evening, and before stepping foot into the seemingly glowing light box, I noticed the colorful sample wall (pictured above) from the street. The wall acts as a backdrop to the white high top table workstations occupied by associates and their laptops. There are a few traditional desks set up for employees scattered around the studio, but they blend into the displays unnoticed. Fantastic styling!

DWR sample wall

sample wall

All three floors are filled with various furniture and accessory items. I loved the juxtaposition of modern, light and white objects on one side of the floor, and equally modern, dark, rich colors on the other. Below is a portion of the white chair display, followed by a vignette from the opposite side of the floor.

DWR white chair wall

light, bright white chair display wall

dark, rich vignette

dark, rich vignette

The lower level has a great lighting display wall, showcasing numerous styles and options. Outdoor furniture can also be found on this floor, in addition to a semi private conference area.

lower level

lower level

lighting display wall

lighting display wall

conference area

conference area

This conference vignette was created with designers and clients in mind. This nook is fully wired and has a large television to make client presentations (with support from DWR associates) in studio, easier.

If you haven’t visited this new studio, be sure to check it out, and get inspired. There is so much on display- lots of classics, mixed with newer pieces. Lots of neutrals, off set with pops of bright, bold colors. Great pieces for large homes, but also for smaller apartments. Oh, and one of the best features of this new location, is PARKING!  They have their own lot just behind the studio.

colorful vignette

colorful vignette

Mark your calendars, the official opening will be on Thursday, Nov. 20th and promises to be a grand fete! Formal replies are required to attend, so be sure to contact the studio if you haven’t already received your invitation. What party would be complete without a few photos finding their way to Instagram. If you attend, don’t forget to tag #dwrcambridge


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