Creating a welcoming Foyer

I’m hoping that soon we’ll see the return of the foyer in new construction projects. A foyer is welcoming, practical in the cold months and is a great buffer to set the tone between the front door and the rest of the home.

Until we see this resurgence of foyers, I guess we’ll just have to work with what we have. Read on for three items that are on my list of must haves for a foyer space.  Hopefully the items and images below will inspire you to create the feel of a foyer where there isn’t one in your home.

Regardless of the size of your space, you’ll want to create a functional, organized and attractive space that sets a good first impression of your home.

1. Place to sit. For kids and adults alike, a place to sit is a great addition to any entry. Consider proportions, if you have space a large bench works, but if you are limited on space consider stools or similar small seating objects.

foyer seating

2. Think vertical- Mirrors & more. Add a floor mirror for a last minute look before you run out the door. Floor mirrors are great as they take up little space and can easily be repositioned.

floor mirror

Oversized Floor Mirror

You can add wallpaper or a contrasting paint color to define the space and add interest.



A wall shelf is another great use of vertical space. Shelves allow you to display flowers, trinkets, decorative bowls and boxes to store keys, mail and other such items.

Wall shelf

Wall shelf

3. Storage & Organization. After taking off shoes, fixing your hair and dropping your bags, you’ll probably need a place to store items. Look for double duty space saving pieces, such as storage ottomans or chests, console tables with drawers or decorative baskets and bins.


Don’t forget to inject your personality into your space, after all, the space should be a reflection of you and things you like!

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