Easy DIY Wall Decor for Renters

Everyone who rents understands the struggle of white walls. Though I love a clean, modern white room, white wall can sometimes be dull and lifeless.

As a renter, you have probably thought, what can I do that’s temporary, looks good and will ensure you get your deposit back. Well thankfully there are so many great products on the market these days.

Below are 3 great options to inject life and color onto otherwise boring white walls.

1. Removable wallpaper


You can purchase removable wallpaper, aka temporary wallpaper at places such as CB2Swagpaper or Tempaper to name a few. It’s usually fairly easy to apply with self adhesive paper, but good planning definitely helps, as does an extra pair of hands, so work with a friend.

A word of caution, removable wallpaper costs can add up quickly. While the costs listed on many sites seem inexpensive, so be sure to check how much wallpaper you get for that price. Also, be make sure to correctly calculate how much you need. Most site have directions to do this.

In my experience the wallpaper comes off easily, with a bit of ghosting. Making it easy to change your look often.

2. Decals

The word alone conjures up thoughts of dorm rooms with cheesy images of oceans and palm trees. However there are now so many better options out there, that decals are are much more like art now.

You can select an image/pattern/style, create a custom image or choose words for your walls.

I’ve used a few options from Blik and can say that they are fantastic. Although my new favorite is Walls Need Love mainly because they have a fantastic selection.  In my experience, the removable, repositionable decals stick strongly to walls, and are very easy to apply.

I especially like these decals that you can write on. I think everyone could use these oversized calendars!

 3. Tape

This might sound nuts, but you can create wonderful patterns using tape. You can use decorative colored tape, metallic tape or shiny tape on matte walls for a bespoke look.

Kara Pasly Designs

One of my absolute favorite examples of tape on wall is this one from Kara Pasly Designs. It’s creative, unique and a show stopper! She has a great tutorial explaining how to do this, making it easy to see how one can interpret and evolve the design into their own creation.

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