ASID Gala tonight. A sign of Spring.

TulipsThe ASID New England Annual Awards Gala is always a good tell that Spring is here. Right on cue, the weather today, is warmer and sunnier and people are smiling on the streets.

I’m also smiling, as I’m excited to spend the evening with the legendary Patti Austin. This year, Patti will be the emcee for our Gala as we honor Pamela Copeman, Kim Deetjen, Rachel Pike and Eric Roseff! All talented and deserving designers and educators.

Each year, the Gala donates a portion of its proceeds to a local charity. This year we are recognizing the efforts of the Charlestown Preservation Society. These folks work tirelessly in our community protecting neighborhood architecture and educating the public amongst other things. Hopefully we at ASID can collaborate the Charlestown Preservation Society on an architectural dig in the near future!

Like I said, tonight is a big night! It’s also the first night of the first ever Boston Design Week. To mark this event, VIPs from many creative fields in the New England  area will be joining us at the Gala to kick off this sure-to-be amazing 10 day festival. If you haven’t already done so, check out the BDW to sign up for events.

Looking forward to celebrating with everyone tonight! If you’re unable to make it, check back for photos and a recap of the evening.

ASID Gala Invitation


  1. Tyler

    I’ve seen Pamela and Eric’s work in local magazines. I’m a big fan of their styles. They seem like great people and are so incredibly talented. Congrats to them on this achievement.

    • Agreed Tyler. I’m sure they would appreciate your kind words. Both Pam & Eric are very talented. We are so happy that they both were nominated for awards this year.

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