Why didn’t I think of this?!?

I come from a line of women who always have their manis and pedis on point. Shiny, freshly lacquered nails are simply beautiful. Whether you do it yourself or at a salon, it’s doesn’t really matter, just as long as it gets done.

But this post is for the ladies that  are doing their nails at home, so if that’s you, pay attention!

Don’t you hate when your fingernails are did (manicured),  but your toenails need some love? Inadvertently, you’ll ruin your manicure trying to spruce up your toes….grumble, grumble!

via realsimple

via realsimple

Well, ta-dah! that will no longer be a problem thanks to the folks at Cutex. You can now protect your manicure by using the Cotton Ball Holder to remove polish from your toenails. This well designed device comes in packs of 3 for less than $3.00. All you have to do is put your cotton ball in the holder and go! Couldn’t be easier.

Thanks Cutex!

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