Boston’s FIRST EVER Design Week

Boston Skyline

Los Angeles, New York, Chicago & Houston all have one. Even Kansas has one. But Boston does not…..not until this year!

Thanks to Fusco & Four, Boston will finally join the ranks of other design forward US cities with it’s very own Design Week!!!

This spring, designers, architects, and industry loving people will get to explore spaces and attend workshops on all things design. According the Fusco & Four, the goal of this festival is to “encourage the public to explore architecture, environmental and landscape design, urban design, interior design, fashion, graphic design and photography, product and industrial design, and studio design such as furniture, decorative arts, sculpture, textiles, jewelry and more.”

Numerous creative types have signed on as partners for this premiere event, including us over at ASID. In fact, our Spring Awards Gala will be the kick off event for this 10 day long festiva!!! We are thrilled to be hosting such a fantastic, inspiring bunch and look forward to participating in the events.

You can check out all of the events offered here, and be sure to register early as these events will likely fill up  quickly.

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