Dreaming of a sporty room make over

I’ve recently had the privilege to work on a make over project with the Room to Dream Foundation.

For those that don’t know, Room To Dream is a local (Boston) non-profit whose mission is to create “healing environments in hospitals, communities, and homes for children and adolescents who are facing chronic illnesses. As they recuperate and recover, our hope is that their renovated spaces will improve their quality of life, promote strength, imagination, self-worth, and aid in their recovery processes.”

My makeover was for a teenage sports enthusiast; Sean. He loves ALL sports and has countless signed, significant and sentimental memorabilia. Sean was keen to bring the design team (fellow designer; Leach Cantor & myself) in to create a homework space, help organize his treasures and reconfigure his sleeping area.

To accomplish our makeover goals, Seans family, volunteers, and us designers, worked to sort, prep, paint and install and style the room all in one weekend. Many vendors worked with us, donating services and materials to helps us create Sean’s dream space.

These types of projects are a lot of fun, for the obvious reason that it’s supporting a good cause, but also because the client gave us full creative license. He trusted us to create whatever we thought would work well for him….the only condition was, sports had to be incorporated into the theme. We decided on a neutral canvas for the walls and furniture to allow for the colorful sporty accents to stand out and give personality to the room. This neutral room, will allow for years of growth with easily changed/updated accents, while the core pieces in the room remain.

With so many generous people donating items and time, things are destined to get a bit chaotic, although we planned and planned.. The chaos can be trying at times, but it’s mostly funny (especially in retrospect!). Some of the hiccups we encountered were lighting delivery snafoos- which called for an 11th hour run to Home Depot, wallpaper falling down after it was hung- gah!, pictures falling off the plaster wall- leaving major holes and peeled paint, miniature tools- that no professional should be using (Lol) and accidental holes in the custom millwork- oops! Overall, it was a very busy, eventful weekend- one that would have made for great reality TV…too bad the cameras missed all the action!

Check out the final photos, shot by Michael J. Lee.

As you can see, Sean’s room went through quite a bit of change. We are so thrilled that he loves it! Thank you to our project manager; JR and the Room to Dream staff. We could not have done this without the support of the following fantastic vendors and industry professionals.

Merci: Andy Donovan, Master Electrician, Walter Leblanc,  wallpaper installer, Captain Drywall, California Closets, Creative Office Pavilion, FLOR, Herrick and White, Lucia Lighting, Poppin, Sherwin Williams , The Shade Store, The Container Store & West Elm


  1. Lauren

    This is a wonderful transformation! I’ve never heard of the Room to Dream foundation, but I like that they have such noble goals. Have you and your team done a lot of work with this foundation?

  2. Hi Lauren! Yes, Room to Dream is a great foundation- I highly recommend them. It was my first time working with them, and it was such a great experience. I definitely hop to do more projects with them in the future.

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