5 ways to make a small space look bigger

Wouldn’t it be nice for your 800 square feet to feel like 8000 square feet? We can try….Read on for five tips to visually expand your living space and maximize your square footage.

  1. Light Hues.  Muted, neutral colors reflect light and reduce shadows creating an overall sense of calm and space. If white is too stark for your liking, try light blues, beiges or even taupes.

    via Mokkan

  2. Furniture Scale. Buyer beware of furniture that is over stuffed or too large for a small space. Look for pieces that are multifunctional; with storage or coffee tables that double as dining tables. Limit the number of pieces, the last thing you want is a crowded room, and pull furniture off walls and out of corners.

    via Decoist

  3. Reflective Surfaces. Mirrors never go out of style. When strategically placed, they can reflect light, color and interesting images. Place them at the back of your bookcase, buy mirrored furniture (one of my faves!) or if you’re bold, try a mirrored wall!

    via Kelly Hoppen

  4. Window Coverings. If you can leave your window uncovered and let the natural light in, go for it! For some of us, this isn’t an option. So when your hanging your curtains, be sure to place the rod as close to the ceiling as possible. This trick will make your space look taller, regardless of the ceiling height.

    via Home Adore

    via Home Adore

  5. Layer light.  Lighting can dramatically change a space. Try to layer your lighting with at least 3 different types; ambient, task & accent. For example, an overhead light,  a table lamp and art lighting. Oh, and always install dimmers

    via Trina Turk


  1. Roman

    This is great advice. I just moved out of my parent’s place and into an apartment the size of a shoebox. I’ll see how I can implement your suggestions to make the space look bigger.

    • Hi Roman,

      One of the nice things about a small apartment, is there is less to buy. So, budget permitting, you can splurge of a few key pieces. Good luck setting up your first place!

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