Can’t take this heat? step into Frost Ice Bar….finally!

Frost Ice BarFinally!!!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this opening for much too long. If you’re wondering it’s just another bar in Faneuil Hall  right?!….well, yes, sort of, but it’s a really cool bar! Literally, all jokes aside it’s an ice bar. Imagine the world’s largest permanent, indoor freezer, err…I mean bar, at 21 degrees fahrenheit and everyone wants to hang out in there and drink snazzy cocktails from ice glasses. Yes, even the glasses are made of ice.

So this frosty design concept is new to Boston, but not to the world. It is kitschy, but that’s part of the fun. Where else would you find a scaled, ice swan boat replica? or an ice chandelier? or my favorite, the ice paintings of Paul Revere & JFK? If you’re living in Boston and you’re going to the ice bar, you have to just roll with the kitsch.

Aside from having a fab interior, the ice bar surprisingly has fantastic cocktails. The drinks have whimsy names like the Lion & Unicorn, and the North Ender (my favorite!) which adds to the kitschy experience, but they really are delicious!Ice ship in bottle

I know Summer is over and although the weather is already getting crisp, everyone should definitely check out Frost Ice Bar before the temperature outside matches the temperature in the bar.

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