Show your Roots with 1 Love T.O.

If you’ve seen my Pinterest boards then you know that I like just about anything that is well designed, including clothing! Well, with Canada Day & the 4th of July just around the corner, I wanted to highlight a hip, fashion favorite- the 1 Love T.O. T-shirt.


As a Torontonian, I’m always happy to see home grown companies doing well. So I wanted to share with you all, the best thing to come from this company! These T-shirts are unique, playful and come in a variety of colors and flags and they even have special T-shirts for pride and Caribana! To say that these T-shirts are popular, is definitely an understatement. Just check out their around the world page to see the cult following these T-shirts have. 

As we celebrate Independence Day, folks North of the border will be celebrating Canada Day as they Show their Roots, a collaboration between   clothing store- Roots & 1 Love T.O. Check out their blog, where they highlight all things Toronto, ranging from food & culture to music & art. Together, Roots and 1 Love T.O. will distribute a new style featuring the Canadian Flag this holiday weekend. (Sorry American fans!) These shirts will be on sale for one day only- Saturday June 29th at Roots, Yorkville. For more details click here.

I love these T’s! and can’t wait to get one of their latest creations to rep my home nation!

Happy long weekend everyone!

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