Woodward Restaurant bites the dust

No longer are the great patio, creative drink list, good breakfast spot and cool decor. It’s official the restaurant at the Ames Hotel, Woodward is closing.

Mark you calendar, the last hurrah will be this weekend.

The restaurant evolved quite a bit since it’s opening. The food was always just okay, but I still thought they would make it. After all, it seemed like half the city would rush over there after work for a coveted spot on the patio. It wasn’t until the second floor (yes, the floor with the fireplace and great views of the old state house) closed that I started to wonder what was going on. Although the second floor would reopen on weekends for “club nights”.  If you’re thinking it’s odd to put a ‘club’ in a space that was intended for cozy, fireside dining….yes it was!

So that brings us to this weekend, where word on the street is that the Woodward is having one last hurrah for neighbors and friends this Friday.

No word yet on what will go into the space. So stay tuned!

Image courtesy of Fast Company

Image courtesy of Fast Company

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