An interview with one of our own….

One of our own is in the news…check it out!

My co-worker, Sherif Anis was recently featured in an interview with the Boston Society of Architects. He discusses living and working in the Middle East, his inspirations and motivation.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Where is the field of architecture headed?

I think that architecture is headed in the right direction. As devastating as the economic downturn has been to our profession, it has also brought us closer to addressing what is important about our profession. I find designers and clients alike are considering design value more closely and that gratuitous extravagance is a thing of the past. Firms today offer more integrated multidisciplinary services [that] make for more interesting design work, going back to the days of Gesmtkunstwerk, or total work of art. I like that science, technology and sustainable thinking are rooted at the very core of what we do and that they are not an afterthought. Perhaps [we are returning] to a simpler application and celebration of that in our work.

Can design save the world?

No. Can it make our lives better? Sure. Can it help us live more sustainably and responsibly? Yes. Is that enough to save the world? From what I see and read about regionally … it is clear that people worldwide need more than what design can offer—a lot more!

Read the full article here.

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