Breaking News—NCIDQ marking mistake!

For all of you that recently sat for the NCIDQ, listen up!

IIDA has released  a statement (see below) regarding an error that was made while tabulating results. What does this mean? You may have scored higher than you think. Hooray!!!


IIDA wants you to be aware that there was a reporting error by NCIDQ regarding Section 3 results for the most recent exam (March 2012). As a result, some candidates were misinformed of their pass/fail status for Section 3 of the test. NCIDQ has contacted all candidates who sat for the exam informing them of their correct status.

NCIDQ addressed this issue with the IIDA Chapter Leaders during the biannual Chapter Leadership Council in Chicago on June 9, and have issued an official statement regarding the error, available here. As NCIDQ points out, this was not a scoring error, but a reporting error. No candidate’s exam scores changed.

We understand that this error by NCIDQ has affected a number of IIDA Members. NCIDQ is managing this issue and is available to work directly with those affected. For more information, contact NCIDQ at or call (202) 721-0220.

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