Form + Function = the Dancing bag

Wouldn’t it be nice to not carry a purse out with you in the evening?

As someone who walks around with a mini suitcase (okay, not really, but my purses are large, and filled with essentials), on a daily basis I sometimes think about how nice no purse would be. No purse, would mean no keeping track of anything! Not looking for hooks to hang it on in restrooms, being able to talk/dance/use both arms and hands freely.

So now you’re probably thinking, I should just get an evening purse. Well, for years women have tried to squeeze too many items into their too small evening bags (remember – I have a large purse filled with essentials). Especially for a night on the town, some of us have tried, unsuccessfully to pare down necessary items , buy larger evening bags or even get our significant others to hold our items in their pockets.  While these options may work some of the time, the ideal scenario for a night out remains;  no purse.

Well, Amalia Mattaör, has cleverly found a way to marry the beauty and function of evening purses with utilitarian function of an armband, giving you a place to store essentials without the look or feel of a traditional purse. These leather dancing bags embellished with stones and chains, are fashion forward and one of my favorite finds for 2011.

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