Invisible Lightswitch

Have you ever wallpapered your walls?

And when you’re finished, you stand back to admire your handy work. After that, you put things back in place; light switch plates, furniture, accessories etc. With everything in place, you stand back and look again. Something just isn’t right.

It’s the white light switch plate. It stands out. distracting from the freshly, finished walls.

Up until now, many of us have experienced this problem, and to remedy it we’ve been painting out the plates to blend into the walls.

Well, there is no need to paint your plates anymore because Forbes & Lomax has a fantastic line of invisible light switch plates.

This line of switch plates is made of transparent acrylic, inspired by the glass swtiches of the 1930’s. With the transparent plates, your wallpaper will stand on its own, uninterupted by traditional white switch plates.

*all images courtesy of

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