Moshe Safdie to develop Toronto’s East Waterfront

Who can forget Habitat 67

Born out of a thesis project at Montreal’s McGill University, Moshe Safdie put himself on the map.  In fact, he helped establish Montreal as a design forward province, putting it on the map as well. Love it or hate it, 40+ years later, people still flock to see the affordable housing complex that was constructed for Expo ’67.

Concepts of affordable housing, sense of community, private outdoor space, natural light and modular design embody Habitat 67 and since everything old is new again these days, who wouldn’t want a home with all of these things?

Well, homebuyers get ready, because legendary architect Moshe Safdie is at is again. This time, he is helping to refresh the map of Toronto with a 540,000 sq. ft. mixed use development. The project is located East of Queens Quay, in a lack luster part of town. Close to the downtown core, and with views of Lake Ontario, the project includes a residential tower, office space and a retail space with a 6 storey foyer.

In collaboration with Moshe Safdie and Associates are local geniuses; Quadrangle Architects, Cecconi Simone and Janet Rosenberg all of whom are committed to creating a sustainable “garden in the sky.”  As illustrated below, the 36 storey limestone, glass, and concrete residential tower will have a stepped profile carved out by a series of balconies. The balconies will not only allow for private outdoor space, but will also help maximize natural light filtration into the units while maintaining energy efficiency. With no direct water access, the views will play a large role in selling these units. Having  individual, landscaped outdoor areas will surely help.

With a projected $200 million budget, the development team plans to give Toronto a LEED Gold certified jewel, raising the bar for new developments province wide and even nation wide.  The development will be one of Canada’s first LEED ND Gold projects and is already making great stride to make this a reality.

However, all the glitz and green aside, The Parkside won’t be just another condo tower shooting up amongst the seemingly hundreds in the city. It will be destination that connects individuals to their neighbors and community. It will raise the value of the neighborhood, Sherborne Park and surrounding areas making it a desirable place to work, live and socialize.

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