Clients from Hell…we all know them

Just about every design professional has at least one horror story about clients from hell.  As frustrating as these clients can be, hearing other peoples stories can be amusing, as well as consoling.

For an abundance of comfort, check out these hilarious, anonymously contributed stories at  Clients from Hell.

“Well, I have worked with a lot of designers in my day and I am of the opinion that if you are confident in your abilities to meet my expectations then being paid at the end would be fine with you. Ultimately you are paid for the end result, right? I shouldn’t have to pay you for ‘making the effort’.”

“I’m not sure about the colour that you’ve used for the background, I guess it looks OK on screen but when I print it on our office printer it kinda reminds me of a pair of corduroys I had as a child.”

If these snipits made you laugh or reminded you of a particular client, make sure to send in your favorite horror story to Clients from Hell story submission for the rest of us to enjoy.

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