Vidafine is oh so fine!

Thanks to the internet it’s easy to learn about hotspots and cool stuff in various cities. But how do you know if internet guides really are any good? Yes, you search and read potentially unreliable reviews, but if you’d rather not waste hours check out Vidafine.

Another fabulous find out of Toronto and courtesy of coolboom.

Vidafine is a visually-driven store guide featuring only the coolest independent boutique stores in their respective category—apparel & accessories, cafe & eatery, home & furniture, gifts & gadgets. They promise to check and double check reviews, ensuring accurate information.

Okay, so you’re thinking great, and??? well once you’re equipped with precise information like store hours and you’ve looked at all of the product listing images etc, then you can save all of your faves to a customized itinerary called my guide. The best part is, when you’re ready to venture out on your shopping excursion, all you have to do is view my guide, which uses google maps to help you find your way.

Pretty cool eh?!

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