Jonathan Adler adds style to Boston

Jonathan Adler.

Those two words are akin to happy chic, barbie and whimsy. All of which ooze from his newly opened retail store on Newbury St.

The tiny store is filled with lots of luxurious throws & pillows, comfortable furniture, lamps gallore, shiny wall art, playful knick knacks and walls adorned with quirky quotes like  “exude exuberance”  and exquisite wallpaper.

Adler, a graduate of Brown,  also known for his pottery can be characterized by so many of his achievements. Notable projects/products include- The Parker Palm Springs, Barbie Malibu Dream House and of course his kitschy needlepoint and lovely lacquer work.

Over the years, Adler has morphed from art history major to potter, turned furniture designer which went hand in hand with interior designer. Today, he is a decor and style guru, not to mention a successful retail proprietor.

Not even one week old and the Newbury St. store is already adding to the landscape, bringing  flirtatious style and desirable decor to Boston…finally!


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