The Antonio Project

In case you missed it, the two hottest words on HGTV right now are… Antonio Ballatore! Yep, that’s right. Antonio has become an overnight sensation. Perhaps it’s his rugged style, ingenious ideas, raw talent or maybe it’s just that he is more man than HGTV has ever seen (sorry Vern…lol). Regardless of the reason, Antonio and his show are a hit!

A couple of weeks ago The Antonio Project premiered, featuring Antonio and his team remodeling his formerly decrepit ranch style house.  Having prepped the house with fresh sheetrock, Antonio was challenged to complete all the interior work in five days.  Calling on friends, colleagues and even his adorable pooch Chewie, Antonio raced to meet the housewarming party deadline.

It was nice to see his design process; in the paint selection- various splashes on the walls, living with it and then deciding on color and in the tattoo sketch turned headboard of the sombrero girl that came to life in his bedroom.

sombrero girl in bedroom

The remodeling all came together, turning a blank slate into a home with the addition of personal touches, such as Antonio’s Dad’s 17th century throne and the artwork which fills his home with warmth and whimsy.

dining room with throne

In addition, all of the artists that helped Antonio, like his friend from the bike shop and the metal worker, also infused a little of their personalities into the projects. Next to the sombrero girl my favorite thing in the home is the one of a kind metal strip backsplash…love, love, love it!!!


Without a doubt, this Design Star rose to the challenge, creating a unique and edgy yet swanky sanctuary for himself.  I suspect, that this first episode of The Antonio Project,  gave the viewers just a glimpse of the greatness that is to come from Antonio. He is a fresh and welcomed addition to the HGTV lineup and I look forward to his next project.

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