Is Tim Ferriss acting like an asshole?

I recently came across this blog post and had to re-post it. It was written by Eric Karjaluoto in response to a contest hosted by Tim Ferriss. It’s an informative and amusing read that will hopefully educate the masses who believe that designers just “make pretty stuff.”

Uh-oh… I feel a rant coming on, and it’s not one of those brief ones either. It’s long and full of my own custom brand of “bitchiness”. I typically don’t address the issue of “spec”. It’s a boring topic that has been debated on countless occasions. Something recently arose, however, that demanded a response.

The term “spec” is short-form for “speculative work”, meaning a job in which the client requests work samples before agreeing to pay for them. Most designers aren’t fond of it for simple reason: it’s nice to get paid for work. Nevertheless, the industry is haunted by spec. In large part, it’s a result of some folks thinking that designers just “make pretty stuff”, and should be happy doing so in squalor. “Want to get paid? Then put down the crayons and do some real fucking work!”

To read the article in its entirety, check out ideasonideas

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