Paperhouse news kiosk


Good design should be created for all to enjoy. More politicians should think like Councillor Daniel Moylan, Deputy Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, who said: “This commission is about more than just replacing some existing newspaper stands. It is key to our continuing commitment to excellent design for the public realm.”

Designing with this in mind, Heatherwick Studio has come up with another innovative creation. Paperhouse, is a series of new concept magazine stands (a refreshing take on standard box shaped kiosks) located throughout London.

Not only is the kiosk attractive and secure, but also weather resistant. The steel framed structure opens by rotating the front wood and brass lined panels outward and around the body. With glass clerestory windows, light is able to filter through during the day and at night when the interior is illuminated, an outward glow is created. This commission scores points for being functional and attractive additions to the streets of London.

According to Thomas Heatherwick: “This has been a fascinating commission for the studio. Newspaper kiosks are an important part of our street heritage – they add vibrancy to the life of the street and provide random opportunities for incidental conversations. The challenge of creating a structure which is able to stand up to conditions in the street whilst making an interesting addition to the urban environment has been exciting.”


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