HGTV Design Star elimination

Last night I settled in to watch a show that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love the fact that Design Star can encourage wild, creative, out there design…however, I hate that the show is supposed to represent the next up and coming design star, yet doesn’t require contestants to be designers of any sort…. complete ambivalence, I know.

My beef is, as entertaining as this show is, it doesn’t help educate the public. Most people already have misconceptions about interior designers and HGTV simply perpetuates this.  While design can include the fluffy, stereotypical notions of people dressed in all black selecting paint colors and throw pillows, design is much more about discovery and problem solving.

Design is a discovery process. It is a formal investigation of ideas and strategies that transcends accomodation. As a process, it is essentially reductive and interrogative.  If resolved holistically, the aesthetic is inherent and unreplicative. -Charles Gwathmey

Like a car crash, I couldn’t turn away last night. This week, was the week of garage transformations. Divided into two teams the contestants were  given a budget of $10,000 and a time limit of 20 hours.  This episode resluted in one team’s bland, uninspiring catalogue-esque design, the other team produced something a bit more interesting, yet very raw and not very practical, leaving the homeowners disapointed.

In a nutshell, during the eliminations……yes, that is plural, Tashica Morgan was asked to defend herself. Vern, apparently not wanting to hear what she had to say, began whispering to Candice and Genevieve and abrubtly eliminated Tashica (and later Jany). I was surprised at how unprofessional and rude Vern was. At the end of the day, they can eliminate whomever they see fit, but they should at least be respectful and courteous.

Let’s not forget that this design show is supposed to source the new face of HGTV, so as much as design (and I lose the term loosely) is supposed to matter, presence and ablility to capture attention, (in my opinion) are more important. On any show, there can be someone behind the scenes to do the real work, however there always has to be someone interesting as the host. Tashica was the only contestant that has that kind of presence.  Now that she’s gone, I’m rooting for Antonio…fingers crossed.

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